Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine in Just Three Days
Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine in Just Three DaysReuters

With the use of a new machine, people can soon make their favourite wine at home. A California-based company has developed a machine that can turn water into wine within a short span of three days.

'Miracle Machine' is a home-made fermentation product that claims to take just three days to turn water into wine by simply using few ingredients. The machine has been co-founded by Kevin Boyer, a Napa Valley wine professional and Philip James, wine website entrepreneur.

The wine is produced after sachets of the ingredients are mixed together in water. Each kit will make different varieties of wine. When a bottle of wine purchased from a store costs $20, Miracle Machine just costs $2 for a bottle of wine.

"We joked about the wine to water miracle and how with today's technology it would not only be possible, but likely. The result is a miniaturized version of the exact same process that wine goes through in the best wine regions around the world. We were both surprised at how good it tastes." Daily Meal quoted Boyer.

To produce the wine, wine lovers need to purchase the basic ingredients, including grape concentrate and yeast, which will be available at the website http://themiraclemachine.net/, once it is launched.

The fermentation chamber of the Miracle Machine uses transducers, electrical sensors, pumps and heaters to provide a controlled environment for the primary as well as the secondary fermentation stages.

The table top appliance is controlled by a mobile app that tracks and guides through the entire progress of the wine. In addition to this, after 24 hours of adding the ingredients, the app will inform its user that the wine is ready to pour and drink.

(Edited by Anu James)