The upcoming crime drama series "Minority Report", based on Tom Cruise-starrer 2002 movie of same name, is all set to premiere on 21 September.

The show's executive producer, Kevin Falls, teased at the Comic-Con that Tom Cruise may make an appearance, stating that it is "something that may or may not happen". The fans have been speculating that if Cruise makes an appearance, whether he will reprise the role of Captain John Anderton from the movie or will play a new character.

Given that the show will be a direct sequel to Cruise's 2002 movie "Minority Report", there is a significant chance that we will get to see him as Captain John again.

As reported by IBTimes India, the plot of the show takes place 15 years after the event in the movie. Hence, Tom Cruise may be seen as an older Captain John assisting the new protagonists.

It is also possible that he will play an entirely different role in the series just like Bill Murray is going to play in the new "Ghostbusters" reboot. Though this possibility is not as much interest-generating as him reprising the role of Captain John is.

Apart from Falls' statement, Daniel London, who played the character of Wally in 2002 movie, has confirmed his role in the series too. Hence, it has given a new hope to all the fans who desperately want to see Cruise in it too.

On the other side, none of the series cast has denied the rumours. So, the possibilities are still wide open.

However, none of the cast from the series or Tom Cruise confirmed any such speculation. Whether or not he will be in the show can be found out only when the first episode airs on 21 September. Till then, we can ponder on our own theories.