If you haven't ever been on Minecraft, you have probably missed out on one of the few treats life has to offer. The game has found immense success from the time of its inception, and so much so that it was ported over to the next gen consoles as soon as the likes of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came over.

As it seems, there's a new patch for players of the game on both the consoles. Apparently, the new patch rids the game of several different issues, including offering fixes that now prevents the game from crashing on the next gen consoles. The game did face a few complaints from fans due to their problematic nature, as far as next gen consoles are concerned.

The game for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was patched recently, with the patch bringing along a host of changes and features aimed at the betterment of the game. Most of these changes, as it seems, have been made after fans reported about problems in the game. Chances are that you might have even been one of those who reported on the issues.

A number of the fixes have been applied to stop the game from crashing while performing actions such as breaking an items frame, or when and if a water or lava dispenser is blocked. But whatever it is, the list of new changes and additions for the game is extensive, to say the least.

As far as Xbox One is concerned, there's now a fix to address the crash when placing a boat on harmful surfaces that's causing the game to crash. Also, with a new fix, librarian villagers now have a small probability of offering nametags for sale. It has also changed Minecart riding behaviour back so that the player turns with the Minecart. The new fix has also addressed an issue where Name Tags do not appear to work correctly on the Wither, Iron Golem and Wither Skeleton.

The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, has also been treated to almost similar kinds of changes and fixes. And just so you know, there's also a fix now for the TNT cart exploding despite 'TNT Explodes' option being turned off. There are also fixes for Wolf heal tooltip, for Potion of Weakness effect description having incorrect values, and for performance issue when moving through large Jungle Biomes.

If you want to get the full list of changes and fixes on offer for Minecraft on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can head over to the list of Xbox One notes and the PlayStation 4 notes. Stay tuned for more updates!