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The secret Skin Pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 players will be released soon, according to its developer, 4J Studios.

Though there has been no official information of what the secret Skin Pack will include, a developer had teased on Twitter that Minecraft Xbox 360 players will be getting a Skin Pack. Skin Packs are a common feature in Minecraft's Xbox 360 Edition. Recently, the studio released Mass Effect and Skyrim Mash-Up Packs, a Halloween texture pack, and the Plastic Packs for the game.

Title Update 14 Rumors

Minecraft Xbox 360 players will soon be getting Title Update 14 (TU14). Though there have no leaks so far on what the update might contain, below are some of the rumors that are doing rounds (SocietyandReligion):

  • More ways for players to buy and trade products for emeralds might be featured.
  • There could be a probability that there will be an increase in the height limit from 128 to 256 allowing players to build a bigger Minecraft world.
  • It could include new blocks like jungle woods, planks, stairs and leaves.
  • Also rumored are new chiseled stone brick, Redstone lamps, cocoa pods and even a mob head.
  • New mods - Iron Golem and Ocelot, might be featured.
  • Slabs and stairs can be bought upside down allowing players to place objects on these stairs. It will also add to the beauty.
  • Corner stairs will change their shape automatically.
  • Dropped items turn to 3D.
  • Supposed additions will include texture pack support, mash-up pack support and updated tutorials.
  • The mash-up pack will feature textures, BGM's and world data.

Players have been anticipating for the update to arrive ever since 4J Studios released TU13 in October. This update will allow players to create a complete new world and explore more options, thus making the game a fun and interesting.