Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
Studio has released Halloween Texture Pack for the game.marketplace.xbox.com

Minecraft, one of the most played and popular sandbox games from 4J Studios, is all set to kick-off Halloween celebrations by giving out Halloween-themed texture packs.

Fans can now spook up their creations in the video game as the studio gets into the festive mood. The Halloween texture pack is available for download and free of cost. The add-on feature is available at Xbox Live Marketplace.

Players will get jack-o'-lanterns, screaming trees, slimy rivers, skeletal remains, black cats and many more. The add-on is 4MB in size and will be available until 3 November. Players can also keep the add-on if they have downloaded it before 3 November.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Co-Operative Play Detailed

About four people are required to play the co-op on HD TV for it to work properly. There is no support for system link or LAN, reported Co-Optimus.

The game can take eight players at a time in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition online. Players have options to restrict others from joining their games. The combo co-op will include four local players and four online players.

How to start co-op session?

Players can either join directly or must be invited by the host to join a particular game. Those who wish to play the split-screen have to be signed into Guest, Silver or Gold accounts, before they enter the World.

The game will be automatically saved, but hosts can disable this feature and change the settings. The host can also disable the friendly-fire feature in the game.

Since there is no ultimate goal in the game, it is up to players to decide what they want to do; they can either built an imposing structure, a home, or go the end by slaying the Ender Dragon.

Dangerous Mobs to Fear in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The game has various creepy features that players must be aware of to avoid death.

Enderman: It is a neutral humanoid that is three-block-high and will turn hostile when angered. It is also known for its ability to teleport and pick up blocks. It can also be provoked if a player looks at its upper legs, torso or head, reported Societyandreligion.

Skeletons: It shoots arrows when in range. It burns in sunlight and can be killed with a bow.

Zombie: If injured the zombie can run faster and attack. It can also call in for reinforcements when damaged but it burns down in sunlight.

Creeper: It is hostile mob which ambushes players and explodes when in contact, causing damage to player and surrounding blocks. Creepers do not die in sunlight and are very aggressive mobs.