Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Mojang announces free content for Minecraft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One Editions.mojang.com

As part of the successful three-year completion of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Mojang has announced some bonus items for its players, in celebration of its birthday.

Mojang announced that this was a "monumental occasion" for them and it will be giving all the 20 million players who play the game on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One will be getting free downloadable skins via three packs.

Players will be getting some new bundle that features "veteran Mojangstas and a few cheeky extras, our 2nd Birthday Skin Pack from last year, and our 1st Skin Pack from Minecraft's first birthday."

Mojang also thanked 4J Studios for their work on the console versions, it also went on to thank its players who have been an important part of the game.

The free content announced will be available only for a limited period and the last date to make use of this offer is 17 May 2015.