Mojang, the company behind popular building game "Minecraft," has announced three new Story Mode episodes, which will only be rolling out on June 7.

The company in its post on the official website revealed the name of the first "Minecraft Story Mode" episode as "A Portal to Mystery." The post also shares details on the story and said Jesse and crew leave the political chaos of Sky City and head to an unfamiliar land.

The place has a sinister figure called The Host. He has invited the strangers to his mansion party. But can he or the strangers be trusted? Players will have to find out by playing the "Minecraft Story Mode Episode 6"

Mojang revealed the plot of the new episode: 

"The political chaos of Sky City is behind them, but Jesse and crew may be leaping out of the frying (and possibly flying) pan and into the fire," it noted.

"Fresh perils await them in an unfamiliar land, as does the sinister figure known as The Host. What can this pumpkin-headed hostelier have in mind for his new guests? Who are the strangers invited to attend The Host's mansion party?! Can anyone be trusted?!! Who will survive?"

The episode will feature some star minecrafters like Stampy Cat, StacyPlays, Dan The Diamond Minecart, LDShadowLady and CaptainSparklez. Apart from them, it will also feature star voice actors like Patton Oswalt ("Ratatouille") and Ashly Burch ("Fallout 4").

The new episodes will be available on iOS and Android devices, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.