Mojang releases Snapshot 15w47b.Facebook

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, has released the details of a new Snapshot 15w47b for the game. This Snapshot brings several fixes.

Mojang, while thanking its fans and moderators, said that it is working on Minecraft 1.9. The Combat update that will see more features. But it did not provide the date of its release. It has released what changes the players might see in 1.9:

  • Solved a lot of issues
  • Better support for transparency in skins
  • Reverted a change to redstone blocks that caused some issues with redstone contraptions in the previous snapshot
  • Prepared the game for the upcoming holidays
  • Changed something in the bacon block
  • Balancing tweaks

Further it also released details about the issues that have been resolved in Snapshot 15w47b:

  • [Issue MC-1777] - Placing a painting "behind" a button makes button unclickable
  • [Issue MC-1973] - Items placed into a beacon are lost upon destroying it or reloading a world
  • [Issue MC-2844] - Doors have no placement sound.
  • [Issue MC-5927] - Daylight Sensor outputting signal when encased
  • [Issue MC-7519] - Clearing Nausea Potion Effect will stop it but show portal tint
  • [Issue MC-9089] - Suicide from potions gives player a point in playerKillCount
  • [Issue MC-12959] - TNT mesh rotated wrongly placed vs primed
  • [Issue MC-33384] - Noteblocks and jukeboxes play the wrong walk, place and break sounds
  • [Issue MC-42150] - On Christmas trapped chests don't have texture of presents
  • [Issue MC-46772] - Skin hat layer translucency only works in the end dimension
  • [Issue MC-59777] - Endermen lose ability to dodge melee attacks after being hit
  • [Issue MC-65240] - Banner pole texture mis-aligned
  • [Issue MC-65699] - ArmoUr Stand Duplication
  • [Issue MC-67017] - The small cube in slime blocks isn't displayed in inventory and when dropped
  • [Issue MC-84625] - Mobs don't navigate correctly in contact with Chorus Plants
  • [Issue MC-89141] - Shulker spawn instant position is crooked (not aligned to block grid)
  • [Issue MC-89882] - Shulkers Don't Drop Experience
  • [Issue MC-92202] - Villagers stand outside opening and closing doors instead of entering
  • [Issue MC-92443] - Typo in soundevent name "enttiy.zombie.infect"
  • [Issue MC-92556] - Mobs bouncing and spinning on grass
  • [Issue MC-92559] - Splash potions are broken / All thrown potions are water potions
  • [Issue MC-92562] - Redstone blocks emit power through blocks
  • [Issue MC-92595] - Redstone blocks don't update adjacent blocks' power state correctly
  • [Issue MC-92866] - Purpur Slab variant displays "DEFAULT" in capital letters

Guide to open Snapshots: Open launcher > press "New Profile" button > Call it "snapshots" > check the box saying "Enable experimental development snapshots" > save.

 Pocket and Windows 10 Editions get Redstone update

Mojang noted that Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition gets a new 0.13, Redstone update. This is a "huge update".

This will allow the players to create complex devices like powered rollercoasters and automated door. This update will also see introduction of bunnies, desert temples and wooden doors into these versions of the game.

Mojang has revealed the full changelog below:

New Features

  • Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests and Detector Rails. Craft them all!
  • Cute, fluffy, crop-eating, bunnies
  • Desert temples
  • New types of wooden doors

Removed Features

  • Stonecutter (RIP)
  • Herobrine (RIP)


  • Redstone can be used to control doors, trapdoors, TNT and rails
  • Faster boats with improved handling
  • Increased item tooltip visibility time in Windows 10 Edition Beta
  • Stack count labels now use a bigger and more readable font
  • Slimes and Ghasts now actually spawn!
  • Hunger restored by food items now match the PC version
  • Flowers created by using Bone Meal on Grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from Wolves
  • Obsidian now breaks in 6.5 seconds rather than 3
  • Minecarts now stack on top of each other
  • Boats now stack
  • Beetroot soup now stacks
  • Fixed Curved Rail and Redstone behaviour
  • Improved Slime spawning
  • Block lag should be significantly reduced. Everything should feel more responsive now
  • Updated door textures all over the place
  • Even more Ghast and Slime spawning

Bug fixes

  • Mobs no longer suffocate in carpets (because that was kinda cruel)
  • Held items now look better in first-person mode
  • Loads of other bug fixes that are too boring to go into here