Mojang announces security update for Minecraft.Facebook

Microsoft's recently acquired Minecraft, which is still popular with its fans. And Mojang, the company behind the game, is making sure that the game is running properly, bringing regular updates and bug fixes for the game.

Mojang recently posted on its official website about a new security update 1.8.6 for Minecraft, following issues in its past update.

It noted that there were security issues in its last update, 1.8.5, and hence this update will fix some security issues and bugs. This update is available for download in the game's launcher.

Below are the notable fixes in Security Update 1.8.6:

Notable fixes in 1.8.6:

  • [Bug MC-75630] – Exploit with signs and command blocks

Notable fixes in 1.8.5:

  • [Bug MC-79632] – Phantom Custom Player in Scoreboard / UUIDs of non-player entities on scoreboards truncated after relog
  • [Bug MC-75630] – Exploit with signs and command blocks
  • [Bug MC-80478] – Better server validation for movement packets
  • [Bug MC-80479] – Invalid beacon effects are not validated
  • [Bug MC-80480] – Certain attribute values are not bound

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Beta 13 Released

Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is the mobile version of the sand box game, gets a new beta update from Mojang. This will reportedly be the 13th beta of 0.11.0 and is expected to fix various bugs.

The new update brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to the creative inventory in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Below are the patch notes for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Beta 13 (Minecraft Pocket Edition):

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when fishing
  • Fixed crash on loading chunks too early
  • Fixed crash when creating certain entities
  • Fixed various language-related issues
  • Fixed lighting with entities outside of world bounds
  • Fixed back button not working in options screen


  • Added all tools to the creative inventory