Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition
Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition will be slightly delayed.mojang.com

It is not surprising that Minecraft is one of the most creative games in the current generation, and previously we have seen players of this sandbox game create some exceptional pieces of art in-game.

However, two gifted individuals have possibly surpassed everyone else by creating a functional hard drive in-game with the ability to read and write data. 

Smellystring, a Reddit and Imgur user was the first to create a hard drive with a storage space of 1KB and The0JJ, a Minecraft player created another hard drive with the storage capacity of 4KB.

These huge creations run on binary logic and are made in such a way that they are able to run calculations. The main component for these is an in-game item called redstone. The redstone is used to basically imitate the circuits of the real world and in Minecraft it is used to power bridges and so on, CNET reported.

PS4 version gets Delayed, Fails Certification

Meanwhile, 4J Studios have confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is likely to get delayed as it might miss the August release window following its failure to pass the final certification from Sony.

"Sony found some issues we have to fix in their final test of Minecraft PS4," said 4J Studios in a tweet.

It further promised that it is fixing the issues and the company has to go through the entire process again. The company is already working to get other Minecraft versions like PlayStation Vita, Xbox One completed in time for their release later in the month.

The PlayStation 4 version was supposed to release in August but this looks unlikely. It might have to be delayed for a September release, CVG reported.

Minecraft for Xbox One does Exist

Totalxbox has carried a picture showing Minecraft for Xbox One during the recently concluded Gamescom 2014.

The website confirmed that the game exists. Though this edition is likely to be similar to the one on Xbox 360, Mojang is also thinking of offering custom servers for the console editions.

Release Date

Though the launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions are expected to happen in August, there has been no official confirmation on it yet.