Mojang announces Xbox One Edition.Facebook

Mojang, the company behind "Minecraft," announced that the game is currently available on Samsung's Gear VR, said a blog post. The game is currently available on Oculus Store and will have all the features of Pocket Edition.

It noted that the current one for Gear VR offers cross-platform play with the regular Pocket and Windows 10 versions. This version of the game will be priced the same as the Pocket Edition, which is $6.99.

Samsung phones like Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, Note5, S6 and S6 edge are compatible with Gear VR

The post said that Mojang is still developing the Oculus Rift version.

The post also stressed on following safety features while playing the game and that included taking regular breaks so as not to strain the eyes.

In other "Minecraft"-related news, developer Mojang released a pre-release 2 update. This update was issued as the first one had some issues with stability.

A post on its website put out update changes:

  • The server is now more stable
  • The client is now more stable
  • Introduced a new bug
  • Made sure the new bug "should never happen"
  • Everything is now more stable

Further it also revealed bugs that were fixed in the game:

  • [Bug MC-87907] - Endermen don't become aggressive when players look at their head/feet
  • [Bug MC-101150] - Notch skin appear black
  • [Bug MC-101155] - game crashes when opening my redstone world or joining the server
  • [Bug MC-101282] - Crash after playing for 1 or 2 hours