A new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be rolling out soonFacebook

Players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile version of Minecraft, have been waiting too long for an update. In news that will make players happy, the game developer has said that an update will be rolled out "soon."

Jens Bergensten, the Mojang developer, noted that many fans were in fact asking for an update to the Pocket Edition. He not only assured them that the update will be coming out sooner than later but also revealed that the team is now cleaning up the bugs in the game.

When a fan asked if Minecraft PC version will have revamped boats similar to the one that was added in the last update of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, he answered in an affirmative and went on to reveal that eventually all the platforms will have a uniform Minecraft. When another player wanted to know if the update will have Redstone, he was replied with a "Nope," later adding that "Not this time."

He also said that team clearing up the bugs was successful in removing this particular bug, "Today's bug report: Built a boat out of birch and it popped into planks of oak."

Despite his assurances, Bergensten did not announce the release date for the update, as he argued that it would be a "disserve to promise any dates."

Recently on the April Fool's day, Mojang, the company behind the game, humorously said it would be rolling out Minecraft 1.10: The Love and Hugs Update, where Bats would be 20% cuter!

Another developer, Nathan Adams, revealed on Reddit page that the Minecraft 1.9 will be a combat update and has asked fans to comment on the current combat mechanics in Minecraft and give them suggestions on what would make it more fun.