Mojang announces its working on a new feature for Minecraft 1.9.Facebook

Minecraft's developer Mojang has revealed that it is working on a new feature in the upcoming Minecraft 1.9 update. The new feature will include a left arm in the game.

All Minecraft characters are one armed and in the first person mode, it is always the right arm. However, Minecraft 1.9 will be changing it all, according to his posts on Twitter

This revelation comes from Nathan Adams, developer at Mojang, who said that the studio is working to "introduce a lefty option". However, this does not mean that players will be able to use both the hands of their characters for using weapons. What it could mean is the ability of a player to switch their main arm.

However, for the time being at least players might still not be able to use both the hands of the characters to wield weapons.

He also tweeted, "What people have been calling the "shield slot" from my previous screenshots, is actually more accurately thought of as the off-hand slot." Many fans asked him if they could have a bow and sword.

He replied, "Bow needs two hands. How do you pull back the string?!" So, one fan suggested that instead of the shield Mojang can add a hand. Adams tweeted back saying he likes that idea and he might do that.

But nothing has been finalised as yet, he concurred. He went on to say not all the things about Minecraft 1.9 are final and changes might be included. "Worth noting: things about 1.9 that I tweet are not 100% final, that's why there's no snapshots and not much info. Things may change further," he tweeted.