Minecraft bringing terrain generator in 1.8 Update.Facebook

Mojang, the creator of the popular building block video game, "Minecraft," has surprised fans by offering a new update 1.10 that can be accessed via Minecraft launcher. The new update is called the Frostburn update.

The new update follows on the heels of the recent 1.09 update. It adds several bug fixes, and brings the polar bear to the colder plains.

The update brings a new Structure Block for custom maps. This is a new block, but is a technical one. "This block allows map makers to store templates of structures and place them dynamically with the help of Redstone trickery," said Mojang's post on the official website. Players will find this in the game menu.

Mojang had earlier added the Command Block. As the game progresses, Mojang keeps adding new content to the game.

The company recently revealed that Minecraft had sold over 106 units.

Here is the full list of all the changes that would be part of update 1.10:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Added Polar Bear
  • Added Husk and Stray
  • An auto-jump option
  • Improvements to some commands
  • Structure blocks for custom maps
  • Underground fossils made from bone blocks
  • Added Magma Block
  • Added Nether Wart Block and Red Nether Bricks
  • Some huge mushrooms can be even larger
  • A rare chance to find lonely trees in plains
  • Find abandoned mineshafts filled with gold in mesa biomes
  • Villages generate better paths between the buildings
  • More variations of villages, based on the biomes they are built in
  • Endermen have been spotted in the Nether
  • Removed Herobrine