Minecraft will get Star Wars skins, including that of Darth Vader.microsoftstudiosblog.com

Minecraft will now be a stronger 'Force' to reckon with, as Microsoft announced that it will be making skins from Star Wars available in Minecraft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions.

Microsoft announced the availability of Star Wars Classic Skin Pack via official blog, where the company said it is teaming up with Disney and Lucasfilm to get these skins to Minecraft. There will be a total of 55 skins from Star Wars Episode 4 to Episode 6.

Xbox Minecraft players will now be able to enjoy the game playing as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or as R2-D2 or even as Jedi Yoda. It will also include skin of the dark lord, Darth Vader.

The post also says that this skin pack will cost $2.99. It is also important to note that Microsoft has hinted on "more downloadable Star Wars content" that will be released in the future.

Below is the list of Star Wars skins that are released for Minecraft's Xbox versions:

  1. Luke Skywalker, Tatooine
  2. Luke Skywalker, X-wing Pilot
  3. Luke Skywalker, Bespin
  4. Luke Skywalker, Hoth
  5. Luke Skywalker, Dagobah
  6. Luke Skywalker, Endor
  7. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
  8. Han Solo, Smuggler
  9. Han Solo, Hoth
  10. Han Solo, Endor
  11. Chewbacca
  12. Princess Leia Organa, Senator
  13. Princess Leia Organa, Yavin 4
  14. Princess Leia Organa, Hoth
  15. Princess Leia Organa, Bespin
  16. Princess Leia, Jabba's Palace
  17. Princess Leia Organa, Endor
  18. Tusken Raider
  19. Stormtrooper
  20. Darth Vader
  21. Blockade Runner Soldier
  22. C-3PO
  23. Ben Kenobi
  24. Cantina Band Member
  25. TIE Fighter Pilot
  26. Walrus Man (Ponda Baba)
  27. Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon)
  28. Greedo
  29. Governor Tarkin
  30. Lando Calrissian, Bespin
  32. Bossk
  33. Dengar
  34. Zuckuss
  35. IG-88
  36. Emperor
  37. AT-AT Pilot
  38. Lobot
  39. Rancor Keeper
  40. Gamorrean Guard
  41. Lando Calrissian, Skiff Guard
  42. Princess Leia Organa, Boushh
  43. Oola
  44. Nien Nunb
  45. Bib Fortuna
  46. Scout Trooper
  47. Emperor's Royal Guard
  48. Admiral Ackbar
  49. R2-D2
  50. Yoda
  51. Jawa
  52. Wampa Ice Creature
  53. Wicket W. Warrick
  54. Rancor
  55. 4-LOM

In-Game Minecraft Mod, Tabula Released

A new in-game Minecraft mod named Tabula has been released by iChun. It allows the creation of models in the game.

According to iChun, a Minecraft modder, the UI of Tabula is based on that of Techne mod by ZeuX and r4wk. Tabula needs Minecraft Forge and iChunUtil softwares to operate, reported PC Gamer.

(YouTube Courtesy: oHaiiChun)