Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition
Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition will be slightly delayed.mojang.com

The New York organisers of the upcoming Minecraft convention, titled MineOrama, announced the deferment of the event. This was not taken easily by people, who had already paid for the tickets, as they called it a "scam" by the organisers.

MineOrama was supposed to take place on 12-13 July 2014. The sudden cancellation of the event alarmed the participants who had paid $150 for the tickets. MineOrama issued a statement on its website, saying that the event had to be "postponed to a later date".

Participants were informed that the cancellation had to be made due to "unforeseen circumstances", and were promised that it will provide them with a "rescheduled date in the near future".

Though the organisers apologized for the cancellation, it was not taken lightly by people who paid for the tickets. They took to the official MineOrama Facebook page to voice their concerns, in what some fans called a "scam".

"I totally think this was a big scam and someone DID get rich with all of our money! Why wouldn't they have immediately said they were going to refund our money? And even that is a tip in the bucket compared to the non-refundable money on very expensive airline tickets, non-refundable hotels, broadway tickets, etc... We need to all go after them together!" said Facebook user Cindy Miller Golden.

The organisers, however, clarified via tweets that it was not a scam and told the participants that it was postponed due to a fall in its finances, and reiterated that they will be refunded. We will now have to wait and watch what ensues.

It is to be noted that the event is neither affiliated with Minecraft creators Mojang nor is it endorsed by the company.

New Gen and Handheld Console Ports Development Schedule is on Track

Developers 4J Studios have assured fans that the development schedule for Minecraft's August release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita.

"We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!#MinecraftXbox1 #MinecraftPS4 #MinecraftPSVita" tweeted 4J Studios.

Roger Carpenter, Lead Producer for Minecraft on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, settled rumors about the framerate issue via a tweet: "Minecraft on Xbox One runs at 1080p same as PS4."