Minecraft bringing terrain generator in 1.8 Update.Facebook

Mojang, the developers of sandbox video game Minecraft, have revealed the working of a new feature - terrain generator - in the upcoming 1.8 update for Minecraft, via a new video.

This new feature will include 16 different sliders that will be handy to create the environment of their choice. The new feature will enable players to increase or decrease Main Noise, Depth Base, Height, Biome Depth Weight, Biome Scale Weight, Lower Limit Scale, Upper Limit Scale and many more. Using the sliders, players will be able to change the variable numbers or the option of inputting the numbers directly is also given.

In addition to this, they will also be able to add or disable Sea Level, Mineshafts, Ravines, Caves, Water Lake, Lava Lake, Temples, Villages and others. Players will also be able to share the customized environment, while the game suggests some preset environments which have already been created and shared by other players.

These features will allow players to create a world giving them absolute freedom in the process, thus keeping up to its reputation as a creative open-world 3D building block game.

The video below will shows a humongous mountain, submerged land and floating islands; the latter is reportedly making a comeback to the game.

Though there has been no official announcement on the release date of the 1.8 update, it is expected as per Jens Bergensten, developer at Mojang's tweet, in May.

(YouTube Courtesy: TeamMojang)

Xbox 360 Edition Gets Candy Texture Pack

Mojang has released Candy Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. This comes following its Skyrim Texture Pack. Players will be able to fill in with Ice-cream trees, gingerbread golems, soda seas, chocolate eggs, chocolate cake stone, chocolate bunnies and others that can be identified in Candy Crush.

The Candy Texture Pack costs $1 and is currently available for download.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Edition to Release in Q2-Q3 2014

Mojang has revealed that its upcoming Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition and PlayStation Vita Edition will be released around Q2-Q3 2014.

"Yes - we are planning to release on PS4 and Vita at around Q2-Q3 this year. We're not able to share more specific dates yet though, sorry. We'd rather be vague than disappoint people! They probably won't be released simultaneously. We're going to release on each format as soon as it's ready," said Owen Hill, chief word office at Mojang, Polygon reported.

Though he confirmed that players will be able to transfer data from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, the company is still working on compatibility of saving date from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Vita.

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