Minecraft to get 1.8.2 Update.Facebook

Mojang announced the release of 1.8.2 Update for Minecraft on Thursday. It had earlier stated that if everything goes according to its plan, then it might release the update on 19 February, 2015.

The update will bring fixes to the game's stability and performance. The pre-release will allow Minecraft players to try out the content before it is officially launched by the company. It will also let them check for any bug and report it to the company.

Players who want to install the pre-release can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Launcher
  • Select New Profile
  • Name it Pre-releases
  • Click Enable experimental Development Snapshots in the check box
  • Save the profile
  • Download it and play

Below are the features on offer in the new 1.8.2 Update (Mojang):

  • Not enough hugs given since the holidays ended
  • "/spawnpoint" command fails directly on Pressure Plates, Cobwebs, Signs, Open Fence Gates
  • Player location marker invisible on map (wrong Z-Order). One-line fix included.
  • Multiplayer "back to title screen" button incorrect
  • Certain entities can't be selected by type
  • Water generates above sea level as part of ocean monument generation
  • Baby Cows are Milkable
  • TNT is no longer colliding with a block placed above it when the TNT is triggered
  • Ocean Monument cuts unnaturally into ocean floor
  • /stats command doesn't work on players who aren't op
  • Fullscreen Mouse Out-Of-Bounds Behavior
  • Non-ASCII characters rendered wrong (Unicode issue)
  • Wither Skull Dupe Glitch
  • Enchanted fishing rods make enchanted carrot on a sticks

Meanwhile, Brenda Romero - veteran game developer - said Minecraft has a big impact on the game industry. He said that when developers were hell bent on making realistic graphics, Minecraft went against the tide with its simple visuals and served as a "reboot of the graphics arms race," reported Gameranx.

"There were massive projects in the works that got rebooted entirely because of Minecraft. Gameplay matters. What's happening in the player's head matters. Minecraft at least in my experience is just shockingly unprecedented," he added.

Meanwhile, Notch has been having exchanges with fans on Twitter after selling his company to Microsoft in a $2.5 billion deal. He recently told that he felt like a sellout, but he still thought it was the right decision. He added: "I guess some things always come at a cost."

However, he said he is happy to go back to programming and making prototypes as no one is judging him.

"The one trick pony thing was hard to deal with. Matching the insane success of Minecraft would be impossible. I'm ok with it now. Once I remembered I make games because I find it's fun, I just got back to small prototypes I don't even show people. And the fun is back! Programming is annoying and frustrating, but SO MUCH FUN. And then when most prototypes are horribly unplayable, nobody judges me," he said, reported PC Gamer.