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Amala Paul's much awaited movie "Mili" has opened to some highly positive reviews. The movie is mostly appreciated for the way Amala has carried the whole film on her shoulders and looks like the actress has got the movie of her career.

Directed by Rajesh Pillai, "Mili" talks about life of an introvert girl Mili who struggles hard to meet others' expectations. The movie talks about how the protagonist eventually transforms and finds her identity in her effort to come out of the shell of low self-confidence.

Critics have opined that the movie has done well in terms of performances especially Amala Paul, Nivin Pauly and Sai Kumar. Strong scripting, tactful direction, soothing music and cinematography are touted to be another highlights of the movie.

The other star casts of the movie Sija Rose, Shamna Khasim, Devi Ajith, Ambika, Praveena, Sai Kumar, Sanusha, Edavela Babu, Anju Aravind, and Soumya Sadanandan have also done their parts well.

Here are the reviews of 'Mili' by various critics

Lensmen Review

"Success of Mili is in how it succeeded in depicting the title character's inferiority. With his directional standards Rajesh Pillai has done a really good effort to give life to the character Mili written by Mahesh Narayanan. However, how much it will influence you and inspire you is something that is questionable. For me that was the downside of this simple emotional story, which apparently was never discussed in Malayalam cinema.

"Rajesh Pillai has succeeded in creating a very real feel to the movie. Often we get to see inspiring movies having some over the top drama which we find unrealistic. With Mili, there is very less scope for audience to blame the movie for being unreal. The problem is basically with the resurrection plan of the script.

"The victory of the character surely is a happy thing, but the path taken to show it to us is less difficult and somewhat a predictable one. Also the movie lacked solid dialogues and it is a serious minus point as the theme of the film is an inspirational one. The cinematography was nice and the edits were also good. Music is already a hit and it suits the movie. Background score was slightly excessive."

Megamovie blog

"With just a pretty thin storyline Rajesh Pillai was able to grip the audience into the theatre throughout the film with his directorial skills backed up by a good Script by Mahesh Narayanan. Nivin pauly is not the center of focus but still he makes his presence felt with a cool performance as always whereas Amala Paul steals the show with an outstanding performance which remains as the biggest asset of the film. Gopi Sunder continues his form with MILI as the film is elevated to greater heights with his attractive music and apt BGM.

"The super cute promo song by the new generation music director Shan Rahaman prerelease of the movie does makes things well set as far as a viewer's mindset is concerned before entering into the theatre with the sort of expectations that one should have. Cinematography by AneeshLal is also superb along with all other technical departments being handled in the best way possible."


"We feel that the beginning is a buildup based on this theme and the second half will provide something to boost the predictable story line. But nothing happened and the film ends just like a documentary on Child care. But rajesh pillai succeeded in one thing that he successfully created a realistic feel in the movie. But on that effort , the Director lost the theme and character half way through the film and second half was only an effort to put an end to the film somewhere or the other."


"The cast by the director look excellent, as every single one has done their role perfectly; adding a good pace to the film. It can be told to be one of the hand-picked element in the film.

"Nivin Pauly; the one who deliver continuous hits in M-Town has came with a family movie, which will held the audience till last, without feeling any boredom. The role of Nivin as Naveen is of enough depth; that can bring change to Mili's life.

"Amala Paul, on the other hand has done a perfect job; portraying Mili in perfection; a totally different character in her acting career. Mili will stand as one of the good characters in her career. The performance by Amala stands as the backbone of the film.

"The script by Mahesh Narayanan stands as a good element in film; creating a character with some peculiarities in behaviour.

"Cinematography by Anish Lal RS and Editing by B Abhilash keep the standards. The music department handled by Gopi Sunder and Shaan Rahman stand as a positive part of the film."