Amala Paul in "Mili"Facebook/ Mili

Amala Paul, whose "Mili" hits screens on Friday, is excited about the role in the movie. The actress posted her thoughts about the movie and her experiences while shooting for it and recalled that she had the most amazing moments during the filming of the movie. 

"We generally follow where the life takes us rather than where we want to be but at the end of the day we'll realise it's our happiness what matters"Thank god for Mili, I had the most amazing moments filming it. MILI is the product of an amazingly talented director Rajesh Raman Pillai who handled the movie with such great sensibility and sensitivity!! If not for Rajesh #‎Mili would not have happened," wrote Amala Paul

She thanked her costar Nivin Pauly for being the backbone of the movie and music composer Gopi Sundar for his music, which is the soul of the film.

"Thanks to #‎MaheshNarayanan for the wonderful characterisation. His ability as a writer is the driving force behind the film.A big thank you to my dear friend Nivin Pauly for being the backbone of #Mili , literally too. Thanks again !! Thanks to our producer #‎Satish sir for believing in MILI and a BIG thanks to Gopi Sunder ,his music is the soul of Mili which gives an everlasting impact and enriches emotion. Thank you Shaan Rahman," added the actress

Amala Paul said that the movie "Mili" is an amalgamation of talented actors and technicians who gave in their best. The actress added that the movie is by far the most challenging role she has done and the film has made her a better and less judgemental person at some level.

"It has also made me more humane, made me accept myself, my flaws and move ahead in life," concluded Amala