• null@mileycyrus/Instagram
  • null@mileycyrus/Instagram

Miley Cyrus seems to be basking in the summer and perhaps believes in getting a uniform tan. A cascade of almost naked photographs were shared on Instagram, and in typical Miley style, she covered her nipples with computer-generated memes and LED pasties.

These are the latest in a series of naked pictures that Miley has posted on the photo-sharing website, teasing and poking at Instagram's no-nipple policy.

Miley's defiant statement to Instagram is anything but underwhelming. She may be bereft of clothing, but she's not without bright, colourful and fun accessories that seemingly expose her breasts and nipples without actually doing so. 

Her Instagram account is littered with such pictures. The more recent ones, which have inspired everyone to psychoanalyse her, appear to be topless photos of the Disney Star, shot whilst she was outdoors. Although Miley's pictures are valued for the shock factor they generate, they are quite entertaining because they're tinged with self-mockery.

For instance, a sandwich by another name is a 12 incher for Miley Cyrus, who somehow manages to rouse interest over two slices of bread. Her latest picture on Instagram is captioned, "12 incher in my bed .... Just like any other Thursday ;)". To be sure, it's just a grainy photo of her biting into her sandwich, but one that's attached with so much nonchalance that it's actually quite cool.

Miley Cyrus will host the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, 30 August.