Well to begin with! Miley Cyrus, even in her wildest dreams, would not have expected of her silent role in curbing coronavirus spread in India! Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest address to the nation, the pop singer seems to have donned a 'new role' with her '7 Things' for this extended lockdown period.

miley cyrus-modi
miley cyrus-modi

PM address nation

With the 21-days long national lockdown marking its culmination on Tuesday, PM Modi has addressed the nation, announcing on the further extension of the lockdown till May 3 as a preventive measure to stop the spread of the deadly contagious virus.

In his speech, the Prime Minister mentioned that the lockdown would remain strict till April 20 thereafter which the rules may get relaxed in the regions reporting fewer Covid-19 cases, during the next 7 days of the lockdown.

Modi's prime focus on his Tuesday's address was the 7 things/steps that the citizens of India should adhere to while in lockdown.

modi speaks on lockdown extension
modi speaks on lockdown extension

The '7 Things' that the Prime Minister mentioned is:

  1. Take proper care of the senior citizens of your house, especially those with underlying problems.
  2.  Lockdown and social distancing should be properly followed. Home-made face covers and masks should be used.
  3.  Increase your immunity by following directions given by Ayush Ministry.
  4.  To help curb coronavirus spread, download Aarogya Setu application.
  5.  Wherever possible, help poor families.
  6.  In your businesses, help your coworkers, don't downsize people.
  7.  Coronavirus 'soldiers' -- doctors, nurses, sanitation workers -- respect them.

Google Trends baffled!

While the citizens took on to Google to get the details on the PM's '7 Things', all that Google trends could give in return was '7 Things', but by Miley Cyrus!

"The 7 things I hate about you (oh you)
You're vain, your games, you're insecure
You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry...." goes the lyrics of the blockbuster song by Cyrus released in 2008.

miley cyrus in 7 Things
miley cyrus in 7 Things

In fact, if one actually Googled '7 Things' alone, the related searches shows the song while '7 Things Modi' can give the seven steps enlisted by the PM.

Click on if you wish to hear again Cyrus's '7 Things':