Miley Cyrus Admits To Smoking Weed Onstage At The EMAs: Claims She Knew Fans “Would” Love It
Miley Cyrus Admits To Smoking Weed Onstage At The EMAs: Claims She Knew Fans “Would” Love ItREUTERS/Remko De Waal

After a scandalous VMA performance, Miley Cyrus created heat waves again at the MTV Europe Music Awards where she "smoked" a joint on stage.

Hardly had the flames from her scandalous MTV Video Music Awards performance died down did Miley Cyrus get tongues waggling yet again. Though tamer than her previous tactics, Cyrus created quite a stir when she lit what appeared to be a joint while accepting an award for her latest single "Wrecking Ball" at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards.

Though smoking marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands, individuals cannot be arrested if found in possession of the drug in small quantities. Hence it is sold openly in small cafes. Cyrus has made no secret of her love for marijuana.

"I think weed is the best drug in the world," she told The Rolling Stones magazine in September. Ever since Cyrus has arrived at Amsterdam for the awards, she's been spotting visiting cafes that allow customers to enjoy weed all day long.

On receiving the award for Best Video, Cyrus went on to thank her fans for making the award happen, before she started digging through her bag and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. "I couldn't fit this award in my bag, but I did find this," she said holding up the joint before sparking it up, reported Hollywood Reporter. 

Even before this, Cyrus got people talking when she arrived at the event wearing a provocative mini dress emblazoned with images of murdered rappers the Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur and the words "please stop violence". Her performance at the event in a silver spandex suit, singing the song "We can't stop" was reported as being much sober than her "foam finger" performance at the VMA in August.