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There is a piece of good news Miley Cyrus is back with brand new music.

The Hannah Montana star who never fails to impress us with her beautiful pictures and videos broke the news of her new song by posting a stunning neon disco-themed short clip.

Let's take a look at the sensual video clip by Miley.

The 27-year-old looked titillating as she grooved braless wearing a white tank top. Our heart skipped a beat when she teased us in a binged out flashy look which panned up from her chest.

Accessories that you must have missed in the video clip

She wore a pair of avant-garde metal-framed sunglasses and oxidized neckpieces. Those are in vouge for sure!

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She decorated her recording studio with red and blue neon light. And now looking at such flashy vibes. Looking at the good old neon disco theme, we can't wait for the song to drop as soon as possible.

What's the music album all about

In her previous Instagram post, Miley Cyrus teased her fans with an old music video of hers.

Posting a section of the music video from her 2008 single 'Start All Over'.' Her post read as, "Meet Miley Cyrus..... again," using the hashtags '#SheIsComing' and '#ButForRealThisTime'.

The hashtags referred to Cyrus' initial post.

In May (2019) the singer said she would be dropping three EPs – 'She Is Coming', 'She Is Here' and 'She Is Everything' – all of which would make up a full-length record titled 'She Is Miley Cyrus'.

Out of which, only one of those EPs is released, 'She Is Coming'.

Why the delay?

Cyrus was expected to release the remaining EPs last year but was delayed because of Miley's health. Last year in November she underwent vocal cord surgery followed by hospitalization for tonsillitis.

As she is hale and hearty now, the singer has decided to release the songs for her fans.

Currently, the Hannah Montana star is spending her quarantine days with boyfriend Cody Simpson in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, till Miley announces something further, check out her scintillating snaps that will make you sustain through the week!

Miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley cyrus