Miley Cyrus Crowned Selfie Queen on Twitter
Miley Cyrus Crowned Selfie Queen on Twitter

Miley Cyrus has been crowned the "Selfie" queen of Twitter, after reports revealed the singer has posted the most number of selfies on the microblogging site compared to any other celeb.

According to a study conducted in September 2013, Cyrus was proven to be the selfie queen on Twitter, since the singer tweeted 121 selfies. But when you compare that to selfies posted on Instagram, that's small potatoes. Turns out reality TV star Kylie Jenner has shared over 450 selfies on that social media platform.

The study also revealed a massive growth in the number of selfies posted online. The world "selfie" has also come to be regarded as one of the most popular search items. The total number of selfies posted by top 50 celebs on Instagram is 3,933 compared to 347 on Twitter. The data shows Instagram is the main hub for selfie revolution. Although, most of the celebs consider Instagram for sharing their photos, the study also considers Twitter as a prominent destination to share self pictures.

According to the data, of all the photos posted on Instagram, 11 percent account for selfies. For Twitter, only 2 percent of all shared photos are selfies. However, Twitter remains one of the most popular social networking sites that most of the celebrities around the world use to connect with their fans directly. To keep their names active in the media, celebs choose to announce important updates and sometimes share selfies with their fans.

Recently, Katy Perry ousted Justin Bieber to become the most followed person on Twitter, having more than 47.48 million followers. Before Bieber, this title was held by Lady Gaga. Though Cyrus is frequently active on Twitter, she doesn't have nearly as much followers as the above mentioned stars.