Miley Cyrus Admits To Smoking Weed Onstage At The EMAs: Claims She Knew Fans “Would” Love It
Miley Cyrus Admits To Smoking Weed Onstage At The EMAs: Claims She Knew Fans “Would” Love ItREUTERS/Remko De Waal

Miley Cyrus confirmed that the weed she smoked onstage at the EMAs was real and claimed that she knew fans would love it if she lit a joint onstage.

Miley Cyrus almost recreated a rerun of her highly criticized VMA performance. The "Wrecking Ball" singer went on to create quite an uproar at the MTV Europe Music Awards when she lit what looked like a "joint" onstage after receiving the "The Best Video" award.

The singer confirmed in various media reports that what she "sparked onstage" was indeed a joint, claiming she knew her fans would love it if she smoked weed on stage. During a recent interview with UK's Capital FM radio station, Cyrus revealed how she came up with her little EMA "stunt."

"It's not something that I think about," she said according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I was just walking out of my room and then I was like, 'Oh, I have this in my bag. That will be really funny.' And I didn't say anything to anybody. It's not that I think about that ... and I don't tell anyone I'm gonna do it."

"Some people I think overthink so much ... That's not why I do it," she continued. "I just did it mostly because I knew the fans in Amsterdam would love it, and they started going crazy when I did it ... But I don't really care what the media says because I don't google myself, so I don't know what they say. And I don't care."

During the interview, Cyrus also said she felt despite her VMA tactics, people still appreciated her EMA performance. Unlike the VMAs where her twerking, and racy outfit became the talk of the town, her EMA performance was much appreciated for all the right reasons.

Though smoking marijuana and having possession of it in small quantities is not illegal in Amsterdam where the award ceremony was held, smoking it in public places other than small cafes is not legal. Therefore, lighting the joint onstage may have some legal implications for Cyrus. The Dutch government has not commented on the incident yet, reports Cinema Blend.