Mila Kunis
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Mila Kunis has been accused by singer Kristina Karo -- who claims to be her childhood friend -- of stealing her pet chicken when they were growing up in Ukraine.

According to a claim filed in Small Claims Court in Los Angeles, Karo is seeking $5,000 to cover therapy sessions she required "due to isolation for the loss of her chicken pet 'Doggie,'" reported People. The singer has also stated that upon arriving in the United States and seeing Kunis in person, she required more therapy sessions to deal with emotional abuse.

On Wednesday, Kunis and her partner Ashton Kutcher set the record straight saying they have no idea what Karo was talking about. Kunis also noted that she hasn't been served any papers yet.

"Let's just get this clear. You stole a chicken from a one-month-old child who spoke to you in an entire conversation? It's just shocking to me," Kutcher said on a new app Meerkat via TMZ. "It's shocking to me that news organizations, real journalists out there that have fact-checked this story didn't pick up on the fact that this girl was one month old and having a conversation with you from Ukraine."

Kutcher implied that Karo has come out with this allegation nearly 25 years later because she wanted publicity for her new music video.

"So this girl has a music video coming out at the same time she's suing you for $5,000 for the stolen chicken when she was one month old and you were seven?" Kutcher asked.

"I was devastated. I was weeping. I was dumbfounded," Kunis mocked. "I was like, which chicken did I steal? I was obviously in the village when I stole these chickens so I apologized to this woman who may or may not have been a month old."

Kunis said she will be filing a countersuit seeking damages for having to sit through Karo's new music video.