Singer Mika Singh claims he has figured out a way to tackle trolling, and it involves a fake ID and some help from his staff.

Mika Singh
Mika Singh.Mika Singh Instagram

"Everyone has to bear the brunt of the trollers on social media. I don't understand why they are agitated all the time. Through my NGO, for the last three months, we have been providing meals to around 1000 people per day. Yet, I am being trolled with statements like 'dikhawa hai' (flaunting), 'tax bacha rahe hain' (tax saving) etc, which really saddened me," said the singer.

Mika opened up on the subject while shooting for a new episode of "The Kapil Sharma Show". Kapil pointed out Mika's fans were very active and they often brought the trollers to task.

The singer then recalled how he asked his manager the strength of his staff one day, and told him to get each one of his staff to start replying to these online haters.

"From then on, I sleep well knowing that these trollers are being taken care off," said Mika.

More importantly, he revealed he has a fake ID. "So if the trollers are targeting Mika, I reply to them from my fake ID! During one such encounter on social media, I replied to a troller from my fake ID and he instantly responded saying, 'tu chup kar mujhe pata hai tu Mika hai (keep quiet, I know you are Mika)'. When I asked him how he came to know of this, he said he got to know this because Kapil (Sharma) mentioned it in one of his episodes!" Mika recalled.