Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift was expected to start shipping from March 28, 2016. In Picture: Paul Bettner, co-founder of Playful Corp which created the new Reuters

While several consumers have been impatiently waiting for the pre-order shipment details of the new VR headset Oculus Rift, the much talked about device seems to be a nonstarter for now. The brand has reportedly not shipped any consumer pre-orders that it had promised will launch March 28.

Strangely, the company's blog post says it started shipping to over 20 countries and regions on the mentioned date. According to Attack of the Fanboy, some consumers were promised that the headsets would arrive April 1. Also, Oculus notes on its official website shopping cart that those wanting to buy the headset can expect a shipping date of July 2016. 

Forbes reported that the device had been dispatched for some early Kickstarter backers, but called the situation "worse" as Oculus Support did not know the details of individual orders.

There has also been little or no communication from the company, reports suggested.

Due to this delay, many consumers and fans took to Reddit, where they were seen criticising the company. Palmer Luckey, Oculus founder and inventor, then responded to a thread that asked him to talk to fans, calling the forum the product's "base."

Luckey said he will not be able to share any information regarding the delay until he knows the situation. He also urged patrons of Oculus Rift to "wait" till things get "locked down." 

"Not really. Don't shunt blame to other people, this is my call. I am not going to wax poetic about this, since I have done so in the past, but bottom-line: I won't give in-depth updates on any situation without knowing it is solid, true, and finalized. Until I can do so, the best I can do is remind people that I will get them information as quickly as I can," Luckey replied.

"On the rare occasions when things still change, even when they change for reasons out of my control, I get crucified anyway. Sometimes that means updates have to wait until things get locked down, and sometimes that means waiting a little longer to give everyone good info," he added.

The VR headset created what has been described as a "VR revolution" with the Kickstarter campaign that started in 2012. Oculus Rift currently costs $599.