Sue's roommate problem is going to escalate on Wednesday's episode of "The Middle."

The fourth episode of the season is titled "Risky Business" and it will see Sue confessing to Brad that she has resorted to living in her car in an attempt to avoid her roommate.

As fans of "The Middle" already know, Sue's desire to have her roommate as her best friend was dashed when Holly turned out to be the exact opposite of what Sue wanted from a companion. Sue is not yet ready to concede defeat, and the upcoming episode might see Brad stepping into the role of knight in shining armour.

Can Brad really help Sue with her roommate problem? Based on the comments on "The Middle" Facebook page, fans are excited to see how Brad will tackle this new problem.

"Is there anything in Sue's life Brad can't fix!? He alone is the solution to everything!" one fan noted on Facebook. "I want Brad to date her roommate and become like her," another wrote.

Whatever the solution, the consensus is that it's wonderful to have Brad back on the show.

Elsewhere in the fourth episode, viewers will see Uncle Rusty paying a visit to the Hecks, and Mike shocks Frankie when he reveals his intention to get involved in a business venture with his brother.

To watch the episode live, log on to ABC at 8 pm EDT. "Risky Business" can also be watched online through, provided the user has a subscription with a participating network provider.

The official synopsis of "Risky Business" reads:

Mike surprises Frankie when he wants to be involved in his brother's crazy business scheme; Axl goes to extreme measures to prove he can handle Mike's new motorcycle; and Sue begins living in her car to avoid her horrible roommate.

"The Middle" will be aired on Wednesday at 8pm on ABC.