Sue has a good heart, but most often her attempts to set things right have the opposite effect. Viewers will get to see an example of how Sue accidentally causes trouble for her brother in this week's episode of "The Middle" entitled "The Shirt."

Although Sue's college life isn't going the way she wanted, she is nonetheless excited about it, and ends up enrolling herself in a number of club activities. But disaster strikes when Sue's mindless chatter with Axl's girlfriend Devin results in the couple calling it quits.

Sue tells Devin that Axl loves her and that she wants them to get married someday. This scares Devin, and she starts rethinking their relationship, finally deciding to call it quits.

As one of the promos for "The Shirt" shows, Axl storms into Sue's room and demands an explanation for interfering in his life and ruining his relationship when all he has done is be nice to her.

The Hecks are always in the middle of some problem or the other, and Wednesday's episode will see Mike having a midlife crisis of sorts. Frankie is shocked when her husband wears a Hawaiian shirt for a night out with friends and from the look of things, Brick feels the same way.

The synopsis of "The Shirt" reads:

Frankie is speechless when Mike -- whose entire wardrobe consists of long sleeved flannel shirts -- decides to wear a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt when they go out to dinner with some friends. Meanwhile, while Sue excitedly finds herself signing up for as many no-cut college clubs as she can, she accidentally tells Devin how much Axl loves her, which scares Devin and leads her to question their relationship; and Brick gets a little too ambitious while tackling his chore of cleaning the bathroom, on "The Middle."

"The Middle" is aired Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC. Click here to watch the episode online.