Sue's college drop-off did not go the way she planned. But, she is committed to making her life away from home as memorable as possible, and the first step to achieving this dream is to become best friends with her roommate.

But Sue's dreams have a tendency to come crashing down, and the second episode of the season 7, entitled "Cutting the Cord", shows viewers how Sue deals with yet another blow.

Sue is eager to meet her roommate, and she hopes they would become friends. But when her roommate does not arrive on time, Sue starts panicking and she drives her parents -- Frankie and Mike -- crazy with constant text and phone calls.

But things will take an unexpected turn when her roommate, Holly (Lyndon Smith), does arrive. Holly will be very different from Sue, and she won't exactly share Sue's enthusiasm.

According to the synopsis of the third episode of the season, things between Sue and Holly will worsen and Sue will be forced to live in her car.

"She makes Sue wait a while," said executive producer Eileen Heisler, according to TV Insider. "And when she does come, she's not exactly the girl Sue dreamed of. She doesn't quite share Sue's enthusiasm."

As for how Sue's parents will be dealing with their only daughter away in college, Heisler said Frankie and Mike's behaviour will resemble that of an empty nester.

"After getting two kids off to college, they've gotten extra lazy," Heisler said. "They're a little bit over the parenting thing, which is unfortunate for Brick, because he's still there!"

The synopsis of "Cutting the Cord" reads:

Sue is disappointed when her roommate doesn't arrive on time, so she inundates Frankie and Mike with phone calls and texts. Elsewhere, Axl and Hutch's house gets infested by ants; and Brick is protected by a mysterious bodyguard at school.

"The Middle" is aired Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC. Click here to watch the episode online.