"The Middle" is back with a brand new season, and the first episode titled "Not Your Brother's Drop Off" will see the Heck family dealing with Sue's imminent departure to college.

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Sue is excited to leave home and start a new life in college, and she doesn't waste an opportunity to remind her family she will be moving away soon.

However, tragedy strikes when an unfortunate incident forces Sue to chop off her locks. Sue accidentally burns her hair, and isn't pleased when she realises the only way to look presentable is to try a new hairstyle. However, she later accepts the fact that the change might be good for her.

As for how her parents are dealing with the change, Mike is unsure of how his only daughter will handle being away from him and Frankie, and he "overwhelms Sue with financial and safety guidelines." Although he is tough on Sue, it's to ensure that she can manage on her own.

Strangely, Frankie realises she's happy to have Sue move out of the house so that she can finally have some peace and quiet.

Brick, in the meantime, has other things to worry about other than Sue. His girlfriend Cindy tells him that she wants to take their relationship to the next level, and Brick is clueless as to what it means.

The official synopsis of "Not Your Brother's Drop Off" reads:

Sue's excitement about moving into the dorm to start college is tempered when she accidentally burns her hair and must cut it short. Axl isn't interested in helping with Sue's move. Frankie discovers she's not sad about Sue moving out of the house while Mike overwhelms Sue with financial and safety guidelines. Brick is clueless when Cindy tells him she wants to take their relationship to the next level.