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Scientists have recently said that using plastic containers to heat food items in the microwave can increase the risk of several disorders like infertility, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. According to reports, microwaving plastic containers releases 95 percent of chemicals in it.

This is not the first time the debate on the use of microwave for plastic containers has cropped up. As reported by NDTV, Indian nutritionist Dr Anju Sood says that the dangers of heating food in the microwave have not been medically proven yet. It was added that for a quick heating, the use of microwave does not have to be dangerous as long as ceramic and glass containers are used.

Moreover, Dr Nitasha Gupta, IVF expert, Indira IVF Hospital, New Delhi said: "The most hazardous chemicals in plastic containers is bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, and phthalate. The BPA we ingest gets into our bloodstream and may lead to a series of problems like infertility, hormonal changes, changes in gender traits and even different types of cancers. They also have side effects on animals causing testicular cancer, genital deformations, low sperm counts, and infertility in a number of species, including polar bears, deer, whales, and others."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also revealed a shocking result. According to the health institute, 90 percent of the general population has a detectable level of bisphenol A in their bodies. This is as a result of exposure to BPA, at least a significant part of it.

Apart from BPA, plastic contains other other harmful chemicals like PVC, dioxin, and styrene and all of them are linked to cancer.

"The disturbing truth is that heat transfers the chemicals in plastic very effectively into your food. When the food is heated, the food touching the plastic receives the chemicals leaching out. Eating those chemicals can increase risks of cancer, infertility, and havoc on the normal functioning of reproductive systems and your brain," added Gupta, as reported by the website.

Well, if you think avoiding plastics in microwave cooking will help you achieve a healthy life, unfortunately, it's not the case. Gynecologist Dr Swati urges people to minimize the use of plastic as much as possible, even when it comes to storing food. She advises people to switch to glass containers as they don't transfer chemicals the way plastics do.

"A report from FDA states that chemicals, mostly BPA, adversely affect both male and female fertility," she said, as reported.