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Microsoft is reportedly testing Cloud Steaming for Xbox games that can be played on the web browser.

According to Neowin, a technology website, which bases its story on a "source" that technology giant, Microsoft is testing if it can play not just any games, but Xbox games on web browsers using cloud streaming. However, the one thing that is like an obstacle with cloud-based gaming are the lags that players might face.

The report revealed about the Microsoft research project that has been working on cloud-based gaming to reduce the latency. Previous reports have indicated that it has found a solution too. The company was using speculation technology to reduce latency lag. It had said that about 250ms of latency can be concealed by predicting the possibilities of the next frame and sending the right one to the user.

This new gaming service from Microsoft will have reduced latency and the video playback of 60 fps. Microsoft is aiming big. This service will not only be able to give players the "Xbox 360 full experience" but will also coning dashboard that will be able to run on browser. This is not all, this service will not only be accessible on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but it was also tested on Google Chrome.

If Microsoft is able to remove the console from the equation, this will have huge implication for the company as it will have a larger gaming market that might still be shying away from buying a gaming console.

In 2013, at the company's all-employee meet, Microsoft had shown a demo of Halo 4 running on cloud. The report sayid since the demo, Microsoft has made much progress and has released to more users.

However, Microsoft is not the first company to make such experiments. OnLive is one such company that uses the cloud-based streaming to play games.

Sony has streaming service titled PlayStation Now that allows game streaming for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Sony TV and PlayStation TV. This service was released on 31 July for US with more than 100 games in library that users can choose from.

Poor Sales of Xbox One in Japan  

Xbox One sales in Japan have not been inspiring. This next generation console from Microsoft managed to sell only 23,000 units since its launch in Japan on 4 September 2014.

Titanfall (22,416 units) sold more copies that Dead Rising 3 (7,330 units) in Xbox One games. Kinect Sports Rivals sold better than Dead Rising 3 with 14,919 units being sold, according to Famitsu.

Thought these figures are not surprising since Japan has never been a fan of Xbox brand or Xbox One. It shows that Microsoft still have to work on its presence in Japan. Also, this was only the first week sales.

However, when compared with the sales of PlayStation 4, which sold 3,09,000 units in its first week and Wii U sold 3,08,000 units.