Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs Roundup: More Details Emerge Ahead Of Summer Release
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date: New Details Emerge As Launch NearsMicrosoft

Microsoft is going to have all hands on deck with this one. Amid reports of Apple's iPad Pro launch being delayed until later this year, Microsoft is trying to steal the limelight with an early release of its supersized Surface Pro 4.

Several sources have already revealed that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro production was delayed due to supply of display panels, but Microsoft will make its competitive tablet available to fill the gap.

According to The Inquisitr, Microsoft will launch an upgraded Surface Pro 4 two-in-one tablet before the new iPad Pro hits the market. As earlier reports have suggested, the software giant will have two variants of the tablet, one with 12-inch display and another with 14 inches.

The tablet is expected to run on Intel's latest Core M Broadwell processor, which is widely used in ultra-slim fan-less laptop designs like the all-new 12-inch Retina MacBook. The tablets are said to sport a 2,160x1,440 pixel resolution on both screen sizes, according to the report.

If the rumours are true, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be launched some time around July. Sources have also hinted at an early release but nothing is concrete.

Microsoft is planning to release the anticipated and the most-advanced desktop operating system, Windows 10, later this year. The new OS is going to power not just PCs, but also mobile devices. Microsoft is known to accompany its OS releases with new devices and there's no saying if the Surface Pro 4 will be launched alongside the Windows 10.

In addition to the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft is also rumoured to be launching a miniature version of the tablet dubbed as Surface Pro Mini. The device is expected to be seen some time in fall, making it more likely to be launched alongside the Windows 10. The mini version of the new Surface is expected to sport an 8-inch display with a powerful processor, IT Pro reported via Inquisitr.

With all these rumours floating online, 2015 is going to be a great year for high-end tablets. It remains to be seen whether it is Apple or Microsoft that will rule the industry with their premium devices.