Microsoft launches an exclusive Microsoft Store on Amazon India
Microsoft Skype introduces real-time translation and free calling service for freeScreenshot from Amazon India Website

Skype, the Microsoft owned famous VOIP service provider, has announced two new offers for the Indian customers.

According to a report, Skype now will offer real-time translation service through its mobile app and web based client. As a part of this service, it has already launched a Spanish-English test program.

The program will allow communicating in two different languages and the service will translate the call in real-time.

Skype launched its first trial with an exchange between school children in Mexico and Washington DC. The service is based on machine learning so the more it is used the better it will become as it picks up new words, syntaxes and accents.

According to another report, Skype is offering users free calls to the US and Canada. Launched exclusively for the Indian customers, this offer will allow users to call any landline or cellphone number across the two countries.

Skype will soon start advertising its new service. To avail the offer, user needs to login with their user name and password and dial a number like placing any traditional call.

This new feature from Skype might boost Lumia smartphone sales as the manufacturer bundles Skype with the smartphones. After acquiring the Lumia smartphone series from Nokia, Microsoft is going all out to get a hold in the Indian consumer market. To impress the price conscious customers of the country,  the company has already cut down the prices of its Lumia devices and also launched a new budget end smartphone, Lumia 535, last month in India.

The Windows OS and Xbox console famed software hardware company has also launched an exclusive store on the Amazon India website. The store sells a wide array of products including Windows Lumia Smartphones, Xbox gaming consoles, Tablets, Laptops, accessories and Windows OS/ office software.

The Amazon exclusive Microsoft store is also offering aggressive price cuts, best deals and exclusive offers to impress the Indian customers.