The racing game accessories for one of the most anticipated gaming consoles, Microsoft Xbox One, has been revealed ahead of its launch.

The accessories are shown in a video featuring Mircosoft chiefs Larry Hryb (Major Nelson), Director of Programming for Xbox Live, and Branden Powell, Director of Strategic Alliances.

It has been understood that the steering wheel accessories available for Xbox 360 consoles would not be compatible with Xbox One. 

Equation Language

Powell first discusses the new technology called Equation Language. It creates forces like rpm, thrust and others which are used in a racing game for better experience, flexibility and precision.

Steering Wheels and Racing Paddles

Powell also elaborates on the customisation of buttons which a user can do, depending on his or her needs. These customisations can be implemented on the new steering wheel buttons in the form of different shift configurations, different paddle-type configurations, adding the RPM gauge and others features.

The video introduces "Thrustmaster" steering wheel. Some of the features included in the steering wheel are gear shifters, paddles, brushless motors for better precision feedback while playing and less power consumption. The steering wheel connects with a small, thin cable.

The second steering wheel, named "Madcatz" wheel, comes with a bunch of configurations for the gamer which can be changed over time. The wheel is understood to be swappable, which means, if a gamer has to buy new wheels in a racing game, one just need to map the steering wheel with the new one.

The "Madcatz" wheel also comes with a paddle set which can be customised by changing the gap between the two paddles, changing the springs and via other modifications.

Soundbar for Racing Games

Powell adds that a new soundbar, which includes a Forza racing mode designed along with the Forza audio engineering team, will be introduced this fall to give racing gamers a better surround sound experience while playing. It can be used for other racing games also.

The interview video can be viewed below:

[Video Courtesy: xbox/Youtube]