Master Chief in Minecraft.Twitter/Microsoft Studios

In what could be a surprise move from Microsoft, reports have suggested that it might be planning to buy the Minecraft creator, Mojang.

Mojang was an independent company that came out with a popular and successful game, Minecraft. The possible deal could be sealed with Microsoft buying Mojang for $2 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported.

However, there both the companies, Microsoft and Mojang have declined from commenting on the report. It also states that both the companies are in talks and there is a possibility of the deal being signed by this week.

It must also be noted that Mojang's co-founder, Markus Persson has been critical and vocal about Microsoft for many years. He has an iconic image when it comes to indie developers.

"If Microsoft decides to lock down Windows 8, it would be very, very bad for Indie games and competition in general," Persson said in 2012 about Windows 8, CVG reported.

It must be noted that recently Mojang released Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition and also Xbox One Edition.

One can only wonder if the move to buy Mojang would earn Microsoft some respect among indie developers after many had accused the company of not be supportive of indie developers.

Mojang has been successful since it released Minecraft on PC in 2011. It eventually went on to register high sales and its fame grew quickly. The game was later released in platforms as different as iOS, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. The total sale of Minecraft has exceeded 54 million units.

It must also be noted that Mojang has good relationship with Microsoft. Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 in May 2012 and was the exclusive to the console for more than a year. Mojang also introduced Halo themed character pack in Minecraft.