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Following Blackberry's steps, software monster Microsoft has revisited its roots and brought the MS-Dos software back. But to woo back its old school MS-DOS lovers this time, Microsoft has transformed the OS into an app for its Lumia smartphones.

The MS-Dos app will run on Windows Mobile platform and accept all the previous syntaxes we were used to. The new MS-DOS app allows users to execute a number of apps through syntaxes such as launching camera and many others. Here are the top 15 syntaxes you can execute using your Windows smartphone and regain the power of a coder.

  • COLOR- The command will transform the DOS windows background and foreground colours.
  • CLS- The command will clear the terminal screen.
  • DATE- This command will prompt you with current date.
  • ECHO- Entering this with a text will display the text back on your screen. The text should be written inside quotes. For example, ECHO "Hello LUMIA" will return you Hello Lumia in response.
  • TIME- This command will return you the current smartphone time.
  • TYPE- Typing this with a system stored file name prompts back the contents of the file. But the command has a drawback since it can't print out large file for its size limitation.
  • CAMERA.EXE- Writing this command on the MS-DOS terminal will open the camera app instantly.
  • INTERNET / IE [url]- This command will open the web browser. If you mention the URL following the syntax, the MS-DOS will also open the webpage on browser directly.
  • EMAIL [address]- This syntax will open the email client for you to type and send mails. Mentioning the email address will automatically fill up the recipient's email ID in the mail application.
  • MAP [latitude] [longitude] / [search terms]- This syntax will launch the map app with mentioned location or search required results.
  • MARKET- MS-DOS will directly open the Windows Mobile app marketplace.
  • PHONE [number]/SELECT- The command will open phone dial app with given phone number. Use SELECT term to open particular card from existing contacts
  • SEARCH/CORTANA [search terms]- This command is pretty interesting. Writing this on the terminal will launch the search/Cortana with the supplied search terms.
  • ASCII/CGA camera- This Easter egg command will launch the camera app with CGA and ASCII modes.
  • Rock Paper Scissors- This is another Easter egg supplied in the MS-DOS app. The Rock Paper Scissor game can be opened by navigating to C:GAMESRPSRPS.EXE. If you can score more than 20 wins or wins more than the smartphone and select the secret combination, a secret mode will be unlocked.

 Source - NeoWin