Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Snapdragon

Microsoft's Lumia range of devices may have been hardware marvels, competing against other big names in the market, but it still lacked a certain important essence to date that could set it apart from others in the mix -- the inclusion of a world-class processor.

Going by history, the previous three-year partnership between Nokia and Microsoft failed to make that big an impact in the smartphone market. Apart from that, the Windows Phone devices only managed to grab a paltry market share in that time period. Later in 2014, Microsoft purchased the mobile device wing of Nokia.

However, all that could soon change with reports indicating that Microsoft is finally building a flagship device that will arrive in the market running one of the most advanced processors in the smartphone industry, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, reported TFJ.  And as expected, the handset will add to the company's Lumia range of devices.

As of now, practically every smartphone from Microsoft has targeted the low or mid-range market. This meant launching handsets in the market with make-do specs that could compliment the equally mediocre hardware inside the handsets.

Keeping away from the high-end market eventually did more harm to the company and its Windows Phone branding than good. At this point, the company basically gave up any possibility of grasping decent market share from the project. And users anyway had better options in the market.

It wasn't long ago when a Microsoft executive even revealed that the company could utilise the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor in the future. And while that may be far from reality, it still is a major decision that could eventually end up determining the flow of business for Microsoft in its smartphone side of things.

After all, not only is the Snapdragon 810 the most powerful mobile processor available today, it might also spell good things when combined with the company's proprietary mobile operating system. Not only will that leverage the Lumia devices back into the limelight, it could also hold promises with Windows 10. 

For those who are still wondering as to what's the big deal with a Snapdragon processor acting as a strong catalyst for a company, you should know that Microsoft, until this point, hasn't run anything more powerful than the Snapdragon 600 in its handsets. And for starters, the Snapdragon 810 is known to offer 4K resolution compatibility, enhanced battery life, and better processing power.

Moreover, with most big names in the industry such as LG and Samsung anyway looking to incorporate Snapdragon's most powerful processor variation of all time, it's only expected the Microsoft will jump on to the bandwagon as well to offer its own handsets with the Snapdragon 810 running inside.

Unfortunately though, details of this new Lumia flagship with the latest Snapdragon processor are few and far. While the company has indeed made a few general mentions about Microsoft's smartphone plans and Qualcomm's latest processor, the existence of such a Lumia handset still remains a mystery.

Other details related to the rumoured handset include a mobile version of Windows 10 and a premium build quality, 2GB to 3GB of RAM, alongside it being a flagship that would pack features not normally found in other Microsoft smartphones. In a nutshell, a sharp turn from the usual Lumias in the market.

More details on the handset are expected to arrive soon, alongside a probable launch and release date for the same. Stay tuned for more updates.