Microsoft Lumia smartphone
A man is silhouetted against a video screen as he poses with a Lumia smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of ZenicaReuters

Specifications of the long-rumoured Microsoft Lumia 940 have surfaced online hinting the upcoming Microsoft phone to be a major upgrade over its predecessor Lumia 930.

If the sources of technology blog FudZilla are to be believed, Microsoft is on the verge of unveiling Lumia 940 with industry first feature like Iris scanner biometric technology.

They say that Lumia 940 will also be equipped with near Infra-red sensor on the front, so that the Iris scanner will be able to detect owner's eyes in the low-light condition. But, one drawback is that the users have to remove their glasses for the phone to gaze your eyes.

Though it may sound far-fetched, the 'Iris Scanner' for smartphones is being developed in some companies behind closed doors. One such company is Samsung, whose semiconductor division has been working on this advanced biotechnology. It was reported to incorporate this sensor in Galaxy S6, but it never materialised.

If Microsoft do launch the Lumia 940 with Iris Scanner, it will certainly raise the bar for the rivals.

For the uninitiated, 'Iris Recognition' is said to be more advanced and near fool-proof system as it involves camera technology with subtle infrared illuminations to capture the detailed nerve pattern on the iris (eye). Using this information, digital impressions are created by mathematical and statistical algorithm so that accurate profile is created. This biometric technology is nearly impossible to be cracked by an imposter, unlike finger-print scanner which can be decoded with a fake thumb print.

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Another notable feature of Lumia 940 includes a docking station to connect to accessories like audio system or PCs like Motorola's Atrix smartphone.

Lumia 940 is also slated to house a big camera on the rear-side anywhere between 20 and 30-megapixel. Microsoft is reportedly split between to use either 805 series Snapdragon CPU or latest 64-bit class 810 series processor in the new phone.

But we believe Microsoft to go with the latter as the rivals HTC has used same 810 Octa-core SoC (System on Chip) in its One (M9) and even the upcoming LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4 are also slated to house the same chipset.

As of now, Microsoft is yet to respond to the reports twirling in the Internet. Until the company comes out and clear the air over the rumours, we advise our readers to take this report as a speculation.