Microsoft Launches First Non-Nokia Smartphone Lumia 535
Microsoft Launches First Non-Nokia Smartphone Lumia 535Microsoft

Lumia 535 is very special to Microsoft as it is the first non-Nokia Lumia smartphone from the company.

Windows phones have been in the market for long but they haven't been able to grab the expected market share that Microsoft wanted. Later entrants Android and iOS did much better than Microsoft Windows phones.

And now that Microsoft is in complete control of the hardware specifications and software features, the company released Lumia 535. Priced at Rs. 9199, the Lumia 535 is a successor to Lumia's budget smartphones 520 and 530.

Nokia released Lumia 530 in 2013. Despite good specifications the phone lacked the most necessary front camera, hence, failed to achieve the expected market share.

Happily Microsoft didn't make the same mistake again and was particular about choosing its hardware and specifications for its standalone handset. A hands-on session at the launch event of the Lumia 535 showed the key features for it to prove a winning bet.

  1. Voice and Skype integration- Microsoft Lumia 535 features a seamless integration between voice calling and Skype calls. A user can shift to VOIP calling direct from the voice only calling screen. While the data rates in India are affordable, the easy Skype access will certainly impress the techno-unfriendly users.
  2. XBOX Connectivity- All Lumia based smartphones have XBOX connectivity, but a sub-10k device with a quad-core processor is impressive.
  3. Camera- A front camera was the key missing feature of the previous generation Lumia 530 phone. Making amends, Microsoft has featured a wide-angle 5 MP front camera in Lumia 535. We tested the camera yesterday and found it really impressive, particularly while clicking wide angle photographs.
  4. Software Integration- the Lumia 535 comes pre-loaded with live Office suite, the most significant software ever made by Microsoft. Office suite is a must have feature. The Lumia 535 also features 15 GB of additional OneDrive Cloud storage which will certainly help the user to manage their documents and multimedia content. The user can also buy 1TB of OneDrive storage later by paying an annual fee of Rs. 799. Another significant feature of Lumia 535 is the Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Operating System- Microsoft Lumia 535 runs on the latest Microsoft Mobile OS Lumia Denim 8.1. The Denim update features an improved interface with better software-hardware integration. Microsoft has also promised to deliver the Windows Mobile 10 very soon with lots of improvements. And Lumia 535 is sure get the upgrade.

 Key Specifications:

Operating System Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
Display 5-inch qHD 960x540 pixels
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 
Camera 5 MP Rear + 5 MP front
Memory 8 GB in-built + 15 GB OneDrive + MicroSD support up to 128 GB 
Battery 1905 mAh Battery
Extra Feature Free global HERE maps and HERE drive