Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2
Microsoft introduces Surface 2 and Surface Pro

Microsoft has introduced new members to its Surface tablet family, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 which are "thinner, lighter, faster" and come with better battery life. This was revealed by the company at an event in New York City on Sept. 23.

The new Surface 2 tablet will be much lighter than the first-generation Surface tablets and has a powerful battery that can last up to 10 hours.

The tablet's Kickstand can now be positioned in two different ways and the company has rolled out cleverer covers to protect its surface screen.

Surface 2 will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, with widescreen HD display outing 1080p video and Microsoft has also provided an HD Video Out port.

The brand will be providing the tablet with Office 2013 RT1 and it will run on Windows 8.1. Users will be provided with one year of free Skype and 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years.

Apart from these, the new tablet will have a USB 3.0 port and the tablet will be costing $449.

Describing Surface Pro 2, on its website, Microsoft said it is such a versatile tablet that "it's practically a laptop." This new tablet too will be running on Windows 8.1 with Intel's i5 processor allowing the tablet to function like a laptop.

The tablet provides users with 512GB of flash storage, 200GB of SkyDrive storage for two years, one year of free Skype.

Surface Pro 2 will also be having widescreen HD display outing 1080p. Like Surface 2, this tablet also come with dual-angle Kickstand adding to user's comfort levels and Surface screen cover.   

The Surface Pro 2 has 75 percent longer battery life than its predecessor, with USB 3.0 port and Mini DisplayPort.

This tablet will also have "Pro Pen with palm-blocking technology lets you draw, take notes, and mark up documents comfortably."

The Surface Pro 2 will set back customers by $899.

The tablet is already available for pre-orders and will hit the market on Oct 22, CNBC reported.