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Microsoft EDU: What to expect at May 2 eventMicrosoft EDU Official Page (screen-shot)

Software technology major, Microsoft is all geared up for the company's first big event of 2017 in New York city on May 2. Going by the teasers released so far, Microsoft is expected to unveil hardware and software, particularly related to childrens education.

To provide a better perspective, we have leafed through multiple reliable reports and lined up key products, which are most likely to be announced at the Microsoft event.

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Microsoft Surface Laptop to take on Google Chrome:

This particular rumour has been running wild for long time, but it never materialised so far. But, the company's theme phrase for the upcoming programme reads: "Learn what's next" and comes with hashtag: "#MicrosoftEDU." This apparently has lead many to believe that Microsoft, which has been launching really expensive Surface Pro series tablets and Surface Studio hybrid PCs, will finally debut affordable laptops and take on the Google's popular Chrome OS powered Pixel C series and other third-party notebooks.

It is expected to sport a 13.5-inch full HD (1080p) screen (3:2 display aspect ratio ) with PixelSense technology and Alcantara-type keyboard. Under-the-hood, it is said to house a quad-core processor, powered special Windows 10 Cloud OS with 4GB RAM and 32/64GB storage.

As far as connectivity is concerned, it is said to come with standard USB port, regular Surface power connector and a mini DisplayPort, as well.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud OS:

As mentioned above, Microsoft's Windows 10 Cloud is a special OS version. Unlike the original Windows 10 series seen in current crop of laptops and desktops, the new version does not require heavy system configuration. It is specifically designed to run devices with bare minimum specifications (4GB+32GB) and consume less power.

Microsoft has also developed special Universal Windows Platform (UWP)-based Win32 apps, that will able to run seamlessly on Windows 10 Cloud OS.

New Microsoft Office lite app:

The Redmond-based company is also slated to announce Microsoft Office lite version compatible to Windows 10 Cloud OS, as well.

As of now, there is no word on specific features. We just have to wait few more hours to finally know what Microsoft has in store for fans.

New Microsoft mixed-reality head gear:

Rumours are also rife that Microsoft is expected to unveil an affordable mixed-reality head gear, which might be introduced in schools to offer more impressive tutorial to children to understand science and other topics better.

Microsoft EDU event is slated to kick off at 9:30 am EST (7:00 pm IST) in New York City.

Watch this space for latest updates on Microsoft products.