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Xbox Live Games with Gold for January 2016

Microsoft has announced some new games on offer for Xbox Live Gold members, as part of the Xbox Live Games with Gold for January 2016.

It has announced four games where two games are for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360. It further mentioned on Major Nelson's official blog that the two titles that is being offered for Xbox 360 will be playable in Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

Below are the four video games that Microsoft is offering:

Detailing the games it has provided, Microsoft revealed that Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition concentrates on combos, flash and fun. Though the normal game provides players with just one unlocked playable character, the Ultra Edition allows players to have eight Season One characters, 6 additional character accessory packs, eight additional costumes, and a playable version of Killer Instinct Classic from '94.

Zheros is a sidescroller game and will involve clever combos, players will have to track down secret areas. It is set in a futuristic universe and has vividly coloured graphics. It also features local co-op.

DiRT Showdown features a different range of rally cars and trucks where players will not only be racing but also will be involved in demolitions. There are both single and multiplayer party events. The game features contents that are termed 'crazy' with events like Hard Target and Trick Rush.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in the cyberpunk Detroit, where players will be playing as Adam Jensen – a security expert who meets with an accident and his body parts are replaced with that of cybernetic parts, that turns him into a superman. Jensen has to deal with prejudice from governments and terrorist plots from citizens. Jensen can choose how to attack his rivals, using stealth, guns blazing or using his silver tongue. The game also lets him use all the three means to complete the objective.