YU Working On New 'Project Caesar' Smartphone With Android L CM12 OS; India Launch Expected In April
Micromax YU Reveals New Smartphone Project 'Caesar'; Yureka Successor Coming To India In AprilYU

Micromax has become one of the top mobile manufacturers in the country, with its regular smartphone releases that usually have top-draw specs. However, it's now looking for a new identity in the market and has come up with the Yureka range of handsets.

And it seems like things have already started heading in the right direction for the company. Recently, all the 10,000 units of Micromax's Yu Yureka were sold out from Amazon India in just 3 seconds after the sale for the handset kicked off. However, there's a bit of scepticism about the news.

The handset has already been around for quite some time, enough to go through a few of the in-device specs and features on offer. While you may have already gone through the in-device specs of Yu Yureka, that shouldn't be enough to know everything about the handset.

Take a look at the 5 top in-device features of Yu Yureka:

A Step Away from the Parent Company
If you check out the new Yureka handset carefully, you will notice that there's no sign of the Micromax logo anywhere on the handset, be it on the product or its packaging. This only means that Yu is trying to chart its own presence in the industry and does not want to associate itself with its parent company. And that's totally understandable since the Yureka range of phones is aimed at the tech-savvy yet budget-oriented lot.

Better Build than Most Micromax Phones
If you have had previous experiences with Micromax-branded handsets in the market, you are set for a major build upgrade in case you buy a Yu Yureka. We can be precise when we say that the Yureka stands high over most of the Micromax-made handsets out there, in terms of its built and designing. However, it isn't as slim and light as you may think.

Phone Texture Somewhat Similar to OnePlus One
When you take the handset in your hands for the first time, you will be instantly reminded of the kind of phone texture that we saw for the OnePlus One. But, that's what you deduce from the first glance. On further and closer inspection, you will see that compared to One, Yureka's texture is much smoother and pleasing. Plus, it somehow gives it an added grip in your hands from falling down.

First-Ever Qualcomm Octa-Core Support
To be frank, we are tired of the low-cost MediaTek octa-core processors stuffed into handsets that deserve so much better. However, it's quite the happy sight that the Yu Yureka has gone the other way and fitted the new handset with the latest and first ever Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, which is an octa-core SoC with 64-bit support. Plus, the presence of Cyanogen 11 - which is also a 64-bit-enabled one - makes the deal even more worth it.

Good Screen Pixel Resolution
Going by what we see from most low-budget handsets, in terms of screen resolutions on offer, you won't be that much disappointed by the Yu Yureka's 720x1280-pixel resolution. At 5.5-inch, although it's a bit granular, but we have seen worse for sub-Rs 10,000 handsets in this regard.