As India and China face fierce standoff along the LAC, the tensions between the two countries grow by the day. In India, anti-China protests are in full rage and companies with Chinese origin are facing the backlash. With this, the focus has fallen on Indian brands and Micromax is making a run for it.

Taking advantage of the anti-China sentiment in India, Micromax has revealed its plans to launch new smartphones in the affordable segment to fill a void. The Indian government still hasn't banned any Chinese companies or products, which means Micromax won't be without competition on specifications and pricing front.

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Upcoming Micromax phones in India

While Micromax is yet to confirm the details about the upcoming smartphones, reports suggest there might be as many as three smartphones. Micromax intends to position the new phones competitively against Chinese rivals by offering premium features and modern design - all while pricing them under Rs 10,000.

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Even though Micromax hasn't been as active as its Chinese rivals, which launch new smartphones every other fortnight, the Indian smartphone brand never really left the market. In October last year, Micromax launched iOne Note for Rs 8,199. But there hasn't been any smartphone since and given the current situation in India, there couldn't be a better time to cash in on the demand for Indian-made products.