Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney Dies At the Age of 93Reuters

Famed American actor and entertainer Mickey Rooney died on Sunday at his home in California. He was 93.

The actor had been facing health issues for a while, and died a natural death, reported TMZ.

Rooney embarked on his glorious career when he was just 18 months old, and was the most successful child actor in 1965. He started his career from his parents' vaudeville act, "Yule and Carter".

Known as the greatest actor America ever produced, Rooney earned a fortune of more than $3 billion from his 200 films. Since the time Rooney started working, he practically never retired till he reached his eighties. His career spans eight decades and during this time he was nominated for four Academy Awards and was even awarded with two special Oscars, including one in 1983 for his body of work.

Before turning to Hollywood, Rooney was known by the name of Joe Yule Junior. He started his glorious film career as a cigar-smoking dwarf in "Orchids and Ermine." His first box office success came from the film "A Family Affair," in which he played the role of Andy Hardy, a son of small town judge. The films magic was such that a series was made based on it, which lasted for more than 8 seasons.

In his career as a movie star, Rooney starred opposite many celebrated stars including Judy Garland and Elizabeth Taylor. In 1944, he became an internationally recognized face, after his film, "National Velvet," opposite Taylor became an epic hit.

Though Rooney's professional life was an inspiring success story, his personal life was a wreck. He married eight times including screen beauty Ava Gardner. By 1960's he almost went bankrupt paying alimony to his ex-wives. However, Rooney claimed that he loved all his wives dearly.

When asked if he would want to marry all his wives once again, Rooney had said that he would like that as he loved all of them, reported BBC.

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