Paris Jackson
Paris JacksonReuters

The alleged feud between Michael Jackson's children Prince and Paris is showing no signs of subsiding, with new reports claiming that the siblings barely talk despite them staying together.

The 18-year-old's "arrogant" ways is said to have brought a rift between the late King of Pop's children.

"Paris is barely even speaking to her older brother Prince," a source close to the family told Radar Online, adding that Prince has been acting out ever since he turned 18. And Paris is reportedly finding it hard to tolerate this type of behaviour from her brother.

"She cannot tolerate her brother and says that he is disgracing their father's legacy," the insider said. "The family is doing everything that they can to keep Paris away from Prince because they do not want her to go down the wrong path again."

Last month it was revealed that the Jacksons were planning to stage an intervention for Prince, as they were worried he was going down the wrong path with his hard partying ways. Pictures of the 18-year-old smoking a "suspicious-looking" cigarette gave the family one more reason to worry.

"He's been acting out to the point where his family is now worried and they want to do anything to prevent another tragedy," yet another source told Radar Online last month. "Everyone is hoping that the family considers an intervention in Prince's life soon."

Reports note that Prince barely spends any time at home, and even when he does he creates an unpleasant atmosphere by constantly lashing out at his grandparents. "Paris is avoiding him because she just thinks that Prince is acting like a spoiled brat."

Meanwhile, Paris is said to be finding solace in her relationship with soccer-player boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, and her family is grateful to him for treating Paris well and distracting her from her brother's antics.

It is not immediately known how Prince's behaviour is affecting the youngest Jackson sibling, 13-year-old Blanket.